Sunday, February 16, 2014

Winter Bird Feeder DIY

Want to make a fun project with your kids this never ending winter? This has been an idea stuck in my head for a few weeks now and finally was put into works with my two lovely nieces. 

It is very simple but my two are too young for it. They like to put everything in their mouths. Bird seed and lard...not so yummy! They sat out this one. 

Mix up wild bird seed, raisins, peanut butter and lard in a bowl.

Use your hands if you want to get messy!

Push the mess, I mean mix into a disposable cup and let it harden in the freezer or outside if its very cold

Hang it in a tree and feed your new little bird friends!

DIY Winter Bird Feeder

bag of wild bird seed
about 1 tbs peanut butter
a small handful of raisins
about a cup of lard, softened
disposable cup

Mix all the ingredients together then firmly press into the disposable cup.

Leave it to harden either in your freezer or outside if the weather is below freezing.

Once its solid, cut the cup along the side and remove it. 

You now can put it into a bird feeder you already have or simply cut two holes in the sides of a juice container or something along the same line, place the feed into it and hang from the tree.

Try it out if you want to attract some beautiful birds to your yard!

By Mommy Melissa
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