Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Make a Frosty with your toddler

With this never-ending winter, have you started to run out of ideas to keep you energizer bunny entertained as your locked inside on these cold winter days? Well, something Noah and I do on a daily basis is crafts! He just loves crafting. It' easy to keep your toddler busy when you plan fun crafts for them to do everyday. All I did for this was cut out body parts of the frosty, gave them to Noah with a glue stick and helped him stick everything together! Obviously if your child is older they can cut the pieces out themselves, but for a 2 year old he was thrilled to be using glue! Just be careful he doesn't decide to eat it! haha.

 photo 5c23ad9f-2b54-46d6-aefb-ed90fb71d0cb.png

 photo fe97c4d6-f89b-420c-90fd-8b9caa4eec4a.png

What types of things keep your toddler entertained?


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