Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Macaroni Bracelets!

Noah loves to do crafts, I will say this time and time again and I hope that never changes because I love doing them just as much as he does! However, as the mommy it's my job to come up with new and exciting crafts to try, this one is one of my favs, it's so easy and really teaches the toddler hand-eye coordination. You don't just have to do bracelets, you can do necklaces as well! You can also use any type of pasta you like, as long as there's a hole through it! We used ditali pasta which to me resembles the most to beads.

 photo e4e5f9db-45fd-4ded-a7dd-39ae87daaf68.png

What you will need:
- Ditali pasta
- Hemp string (any colour)

You can get hemp string from the dollar store, I like using this because it's sturdy and thicker than normal string, it's a lot easier for a toddler to put the macaroni through.

So all you have to do it triple knot one end and let you toddler put the pasta through, you will be surprised on how well coordinated they are! Once the beads are through triple knot the other end so they stay- depending on how big your pasta is will depend how big the knot will be. There you have it! Little masterpieces!


 photo 3mommiessig_zps86cc38de.jpg

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