Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rockets Frosted Cookies

Halloween passed a few months ago and there is still a large bag of candy in a drawer in my room. In that bag there were rolls of Rockets candy. Seemed like it must have been on sale in this area at the time because there were a lot. And I mean A LOT! 

I decided that they would be made into something else, not just plain ol' candy to crunch on. But what? Then it hit me. If icing sugar is used in making icing, then what if I transformed the Rockets back into a powder format and replaced the icing sugar with it? It was worth a shot!

First I had to do the grueling task of unrolling all of the packets and placing them into a bowl. Once they were all having a colourful rainbow party in the bowl, they needed to be sorted into batches by colour/flavour. Be sure to taste as many as you would like at this point! My favourite was the orange!

Once the batches were sorted I broke out my Magic Bullet Blender and threw a single colour, starting with white to darkest, in at a time and blended it into a super fine powder. Then repeated it with the remaining colours, knocking off any remaining powder from the last batch.

(I used a simple sugar dough recipe from a cook book. Similar to this one here )

To make the frosting, I used a simple icing sugar frosting replacing the sugar with the powdered Rockets. 
(1 cup powdered sugar, 1 tbs melted butter, 1 tbs milk)
Mix all the ingredients together flavour by flavour. The icing is super sweet. Very, very sweet! 
Now ice you cookies with your new rockets flavoured icing and enjoy!

I cannot stress enough about how sweet these cookies are. You may get cavities after eating just one! 
Good Luck :)

By Mommy Melissa
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