Saturday, February 1, 2014

Renew Intensive Care Therapy - Product Review

Back in action! February is going to be a new start for 3 Mommies! Bringing more posts and fun activities!

Lets starts off with a review of what is now one of my favourite products!

I am prone to chapped hands which is usually caused by not properly drying hands off after contact with water.  Since I am a bit of an excessive hand washer, it happens to me often. The most in the end of fall, all winter and the beginning of spring. I have searched a long time for a lotion that would make it go away and not sting like a bitch when I applied it. From ones that promise soft silky hands to fragrance free, even one prescribed by a doctor. Nothing ever seemed to work well. 

Then I was given a free sample of a life changing miracle worker!

Renew Intensive Skin Therapy moisturizing lotion from Melaleuca.

It. Is. Great. No other lotion I have ever used worked like this. My chapped hands which were cracked and bleeding at that point were soft the next morning. I am not exaggerating. Its that good. Even on Logan's face where he gets eczema was soft when I applied it.

The lotion is a thinner consistency letting you use less. Plus it absorbs very quickly into your skin letting you get back to life without leaving a layer of lotion on anything you touch!

Some lotions which claim to be fragrance free, at times have what I find to be a hospital smell to them. This lotion has almost no smell to it at all.

There is one downside to this product. The price. I can honestly say I have never (ever) paid this much for a 8 fl oz bottle of freaking lotion! Insert that saying 'you get what you pay for' here! It is worth it. And I will do it again when this bottle is finished.

So to finish this post off, this lotion is a 4.5 stars for me. That 0.5 going to the price. Its wonderful and I would (and do) suggest it to everyone.

Have you tried this lotion? What did you think of it?

By Mommy Melissa

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