Friday, June 14, 2013

Skinny Raspberry Lemonade Cake

So I told Phil (my boyfriend) to go to my Pinterest and chose anyone of my dessert recipes for Father's Day and I will make it for you. So this is what he chose...

What you will need:
- 1 box white cake mix
- 3 tsp Pink Lemonade Flavored Crystal Light Drink Mix
- 6 tbsp of GREEK raspberry cranberry yoghurt
- 3 egg whites
- 1 cup water
- 1 8 ounce container Cool Whip Free

Preheat over to 350. Combine all ingredients with your mixer. Pour mixture in to 9x13 inch cake pan (greased and floured). Cook for 25-30 mins (until toothpick comes clean) Once cooled apply a generous amount of Cool Whip on a slice of cake.

NOTE: If you do not plan on eating the cake right away leave it without the Cool Whip and just apply when ready to eat. 

 Original recipe from HERE 

This cake turned out really delicious, you can really taste the lemonade- for a less strong taste add less drink mix or pour on the Cool Whip! 

Happy Fathers Day Weekend to all the Dad's out there!  



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