Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Product Review: Baby Boo Bear Teether

Recently 3mommies was contacted by a great little boutique that designs Jewelry that your baby can chew! (and other unique homemade gifts) How great is that? I can't tell you how many times Noah has grabbed my necklace and started chewing on it. This is a great accessory for on the go, because guess what? It won't fall if it's attached to you (or the baby)! She also has a number of other products, such as teethers and burp clothes. These unique gifts are one of a kind and made from all organic materials, so that means not made with nasty chemicals you can't pronounce!

When I first gave Noah his teether he immediately licked it (of course) and then proceeded to chew. I think he likes the way it's made out of wood and not that chemical filled plastic all our teething rings are made of. I'm always so afraid of him punching a hole through them and him getting to the poison- I always kept a close watch with those, but I don't have to worry with this teether! This item is made from all natural birch wood, so I know he won't be ingesting anything toxic.

Check our her Facebook page HERE and take a gander for yourself.

We will be doing a giveaway soon of her lovely products so stay tuned!