Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Toddler Sensory and Learning

Recently Noah has learned an important skill that requires a great deal of patience and balance. After the big ordeal a few days ago I stopped by McDonald's to get Noah a Happy Meal. He actually received a useful toy. It was from the movie Epic, it had a ball and 2 scoops. The whole idea is to throw the ball from scoop to scoop. Noah learned how to balance ball in the scoop and walk with it, he concentrated so hard, then he experimented with other objects, such as a bigger ball, a little doll, and a block. He felt the difference in weight and he learned to balance and control his hands correspondingly.

All and all Noah is doing great, the burns are healing quickly, he's just a bit itchy. The nurse says he can have his bandages off soon, and he was able to have a real bath today which was nice. I hope everyone has a great week, it's my weekend! :)


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