Thursday, June 13, 2013

Baby Boo Bear Boutique - Clippy Chew Review

A few days ago I received a clippy chew from Baby Boo Bear Boutique to review. I've been super excited to see it in my mailbox and even more excited for my little product tester, baby Jax, to try it out.

The first thing I did upon taking it out of the package (since Jax was sleeping) was visually inspect. The chewie I received consists of a natural birch wood ring for teething/chewing on, and a length of beads made of the same wood, with 100% organic cotton in a black and grey pattern knotted around them. At the opposite end of the fabric to the ring there is an alligator clip, and the clip and ring are attached with silver ribbon. The stitching and ribbon seem very durable, I did some serious tugging to test the strength and I feel certain that my little guy will never be able to rip it apart. I like the style of clip used, as the teeth are rubber, not metal, and the top part of the clip comes out further than the teeth, so it poses much less of a pinching hazard. Definitely a bonus when your kid grabs at everything within range.

Now for the real test, does Jax like it?

It predictably took a split second upon handing him the chewie for him to shove it in his mouth. The beads must feel amazing on gums, because he was chomping away contentedly. The wooden ring is just the right size for tiny little hands to hold on to, and once he noticed it and tried it out, he loved it too. It was pretty funny to watch, he wasn't too sure about it at first, and gave it a few little licks with a confused look on his face. He's never used a wooden teether before, I mainly give him frozen fruit in a mesh feeder or my finger, so I think the texture was strange to him. He got over that quickly though, and now whenever I have it clipped onto his shirt, he goes right for that ring. I have to say, it's a welcome break for my poor fingers! He doesn't seem to like squishy things to gnaw on, so the wood is perfect. I have so many different teethers, from vibrating teethers, to plain nubby rubber ones, to the world famous Sophie, and out of them all, this one has seen the most chew time from Jax. I think that alone says more than I ever could about how wonderful this product is, and how it's not necessary to spend big bucks on some questionable plastic thing.

Here are a few pictures of Jax and his chewie:

Head on over to her Facebook store and browse the selection of baby products. After such a great experience with the clippy chew I received, I'm planning on ordering a wristlet in the near future. Not only are the functional, they're super cute too!

A giveaway from Baby Boo Bear Boutique and 3 Mommies is in the works, stay tuned for more details!

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