Saturday, June 15, 2013

Baby Boo Bear Boutique - Wristlett Chewelry Review

Isn't it beautiful!? 
I as well have received a very exciting item in the mail a few days ago! My Wristlett Chewlery from Baby Boo Bear Boutique! I had been waiting for it after I found out that both Jenn and Olivia received theirs. When was mine going to come!? Well it came a few days ago and I have to say, wow! The very first thing I thought was how the colours were so bright and cheerful I love yellow and purple, and the flower design is very fun and lively. I then looked at how it was made and what it was made from. I know from Baby Boo Bear's page that the material is Rhapsody Lemon, Organic Cotton (super cute!) and that after each knot there is a bead made from unfinished natural wooden bead, covered with the organic cotton. The end ribbon is securely attached and very resilient. I pulled and pulled with not a budge! I tried it on and it fits very nice and it easy to wear.
As soon as Amelia had the wristlett in her hand, she threw it back at me and laughed her little bum off! She is in the trowing stage right now so I gave it back to her. Then it when right in her mouth. She is cutting a top tooth right now on the right side and that is where she had it. She chewed on it for a while which is surprising for me because she was never one who liked to chew on teethers! I think she liked the feeling of the hard bead with the soft fabric on top. She really also enjoys chewing on the ribbon. After she was done playing with it and off to go terrorize the cat, I picked it up and it was soaked in drool! She must have really liked it for her to have chewed that much on it! The chewlery was very easy to clean. I just hand washed it in the sink with dish soap, rinsed it very well, and hung it up to dry. 
Another use for it that I found was on Amelia's high chair there is a small hole where a toy clips onto it. I tied the ribbon to the hole and tied one of her small toys to it. This way she was still able to play with it and not keep throwing it off every two seconds!
Amelia lovin her chewlery!
Overall I am very pleased with the Chewlery Wristlett. Its very practical, well made and very safe for baby! Most of all, Amelia really enjoys it! A lot! I am thinking of buying a teether from the boutique soon!

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