Wednesday, June 5, 2013

That moment your heart stops

Recently a horrible thing happened to my baby that I could not control. 

A few days back I was at work, as always, I had just got off a call when my cell phone started to ring (I only have the ringer on for emergencies) when I glanced at the screen and saw it was "Home" calling I knew there was something wrong. I quietly answered my phone, when the a familiar voice was on the other end... not one I was expecting however. It was my youngest sister, her panicked voice uttered the words "Noah spilled boiling water over his body" my heart skipped a beat as I heard him crying hysterically in the background. "Is he OK? How did this happen?" I kept screaming over and over, the only words she could reply was he won't stop crying and he had grabbed my sisters fresh cup of tea of the dresser and poured it down his chest. I immediately asked if there was anyone else home (such as my mom or dad) but they had just left to bring my mother to therapy for her dislocated knee. Tears were rolling down my cheeks, was my baby OK? I was so far away from him (I work a 40mins away from home) there was nothing I could do. I called my mom, thankfully they were still in town, once I had told her what happened they quickly went back home.

I left work in a rush to take care of my baby, that was the longest drive of my life. 5 minutes before I got home my sister  called me to say and ambulance had taken him to the hospital- which was all the way back to where my work was- another 40 minutes drive. I felt like strangling her. All I kept thinking is that Noah was wondering where his mommy was and why wasn't she there to take care of him. I just heard his cries in my head. But again there was nothing I could do I was so far away, thankfully my dad was with him- but it's not the same! Once I got home my sister drove me back up to the hospital to see my baby.

We finally arrived, all I kept saying to myself was he's OK, he's OK. I told the receptionist my name and she guided me to the reccessetation room, why the hell was he there? Did something go horribly wrong? Was Noah OK?

I walked through the door I saw my baby, his chest completely red covered with blisters  and hooked up to a heart rate monitor. I started to cry, but I was told to be strong and to not upset Noah. He was calm and in good spirits considering. The nurse had explained what they had done to soothe his pain and stop the burning, she also told me that as long as I keep applying the ointment there would be no scaring. We would followup with a pediatrician the next day and a nurse would be coming the next 8 days to address his dressings. He was OK. I prayed to god that night to protect my baby forever.

I just want to say it's really hard to be far away from your children when something like this happens, big or small you always want them close by. Never underestimate an "on the go" toddler. Even when you think something is out of reach, if you have a climber it never really is. Noah is going to be fine, he's taking Tylenol for the pain and the cream is taking care of the burns. I wanted to share this story with you just in case you are in a similar situation. It's important to be strong for your child.


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