Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oatmeal Carrot Banana Muffins

Anyone have a picky toddler at home where you have to practically hide vegetables in there foods so they are getting the proper nutrition? Well, my Noah is the pickiest. He won't eat meat, or any kind of veggies... but this recipe provides a balanced meal, it has protein and whole grain from the oatmeal, a vegetable from the carrot, dairy from the yogurt, and fruit from the banana! The best part is I only use half a cup of sugar for the whole recipe. This helps me sleep better at night knowing he is getting some nutrition from these muffins, I let him snack on them all day (usually he eats 3) of course he eats meals with them too, but there a great breakfast on the go and it's so easy to make! Try it out :)

I have also made a lot of variations with this recipe you can add any berries you like or even minus the carrot, but make sure you always have at least 1 banana (it's what holds it all together). 

NOTE: Make sure toothpick comes clean may need longer than 20 mins (depending on your oven).

Hope you enjoy them as much as this little one did! :D 



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