Wednesday, March 6, 2013

just a little outfit... UMM HELLO!!!! You guys need to check out this website for sure! They have designer labels at discount prices! AND! the baby stuff? To KILL for <3 So my first experience with I found these little outfits that I'm completely obsessed with.

1. Marie Chantal, Fair Island Cardigan: This little cardigan would look absolutely adorable, and keep those cold winter days at ease. Was: $104.00 Now: $45.00

2. Marie Chantal, Classic Coat: This coat I am completely obsessed with! I have not stopped thinking about it since I found it online last week. It makes me so happy, and I know my sweet little boy would look stunning! Was: $200.00 Now: $85.00

3. Jacadi, Baobab Bootie: Now, Phil is quite partial to this item, but me with the fringe fell head over heels! It's definitely a MUST HAVE on my list! Was: $40.00 Now: $20.00

4. Jacadi, Manfredo Pant: These I figure would go with any classic outfit, I consider them almost as a staple in his wardrobe collection. Was: $72.00 Now: $36.00
So adorable!!! Still obsessing. 

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