Friday, March 1, 2013

Beauty on a Budget

On a budget, but can't live without your Mac eye shadows or Clarins face creams? Well, here are some beauty products that comes close to our favorite brands with a fraction of the price. I have tested all of these products and here is what I found...

Clarins Skincare line must be the best I've ever tried, my skin felt so fresh and once I received there facial it felt like all the minerals and vitamins came back to my skin, it never felt so good! There's only one problem, it is pricey 1 face lotion is over $60.00! So In its place I have St. Ives skin care line- I use these products religiously, for all types of skin, leaves the skin clean and clears up blemishes... for only $3.00 a bottle that is definitely worth it!

If you have ever used Dior show Mascara you know exactly what I'm talking about here when I say AHMAZING! No clumps, just plump! - But again costly, about $28.00 for a tube.... Mark on the other hand about $10.00 and works exactly the same... honestly I loved them both equally so find your nearest Avon/Mark representative and try it out for yourself if you don't believe me!

Any type of Smashbox or Laura Mercier foundation products are the best in the world... yep being bias here, unfortunately I have not found a worthy brand to even remotely take there place- I had to settle. Revlon Colorstay was a pretty good foundation, decent coverage- didn't make me break out which is wonderful! Loreal Magique BB cream is not for me, I like a foundation with a god amount of coverage this just didn't cut it, BUT! if you don't need much coverage this is really he item for you bring out your natural minerals to make your skin even and beautiful for only about $10.00 for each one I would give it a try!

Another store that I rave about... LUSH. They have wonderfully smelling things for your body, lotions, bath bombs, natural hair dye, face scrubs... everything you can imagine and more... the best part you ask? They ALWAYS have FREE samples! Stop in the next time your in the mall and have a sniff...

There are tons more products for reviews... keep your eyes peeled for future posts for the beauty buff.

Ta Ta for now :)

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