Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Frozen Yogurt Drops

I had my nieces, Annabelle and Madison, over the other day for a movie (Wreck it Ralph, great movie!) and a sleepover. We decided to make a snack. I had tried it a few days before as a treat for Logan and he loved it! Every time he ate one he would go "mmmm", too cute! So having the girls over with me,I thought it would be fun to make it with them! A good snack that is healthy, easy enough for them to do alone and especially fun to do!             
Here is Madison and Annebelle ready to go!

 Using a cup to hold your baggie is very helpful for smaller hands to fill it with the yogurt. 

Here is what you need.
a zipper seal bag
a spoon
a cup (if you want, it makes it a little easier to get the yogurt into the baggie)
a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper

Here is what you do.
Fill the baggie with the yogurt and cut the side corner off to be able to squeeze it out a corner.
Squeeze the yogurt onto the cookie sheet lined with parchment paper in little drops about the size of a dime.
Freeze for around 3 hours to make sure they are completely frozen.
Once frozen, lift off from the paper and enjoy right away as they melt quickly!

This is a great toddler friendly recipe as well. I will try this again (once my freezer has room in it again that is) but with a bunch of flavours and try to use applesauce too make it more interesting for Logan.

Whats your favourite flavour combo?

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