Friday, August 9, 2013

Buncha Farmers All Natural Stain Remover - Product Review

Awhile back while I was visiting with my mom, I purchased Buncha Farmers all natural 100% biodegradable stain remover stick. It claims to remove grass, grease, blood, red wine, ink, berry juice, ketchup and so much more. For $2.95 plus tax and that claim, I bought two!
So about the stick itself. It smells very nice. Its a nice fresh and clean smell with a little hint of beeswax. You need to wet it first then rub it directly onto the stain. It gets fairly slimy so it needs to be held tight! I found that after the first use, the paper its wrapped in is no longer needed. It gets all ripped up if you left it on like I did! or you will need to let the bar fully dry before putting it back on (but who has time for that?). Then toss it right into the washing machine and was as per usual. 

I decided to first use it on a couple little stains here and there and it worked wonders. Took them off no problem! Even red Popsicles came out in one wash. 

Red popsicle drippings on Logan's jammies
Fresh out of the dryer with no stain!
So then came the real test. Will it take out set in stains?
No, the answer is no. It does however, lighten them. I used it on one of Amelia's sleepers that was not washed right away. It had a (big) stain made from feeding her carrots. I used the stick, washed it, checked it, used the stick again. Washed it, checked it, used the stick again. Washed it, checked it, gave up and dried it. The stain is not as prominent now but its still there.

The carrot stain! 
After wash one
After wash two
After three, I gave up.
As you can see, the stain did fade quite a bit but its not gone. Still better than it started, thats for sure!

I have not tried it on red wine, but my neighbor has and it did not work either. It was used right after the spill happened but it did not work. Her shirt was ruined and to make it worse, it was brand new! 

I give Buncha Farmers Stain Remover Stick a B+ for new stains and a C+ on set in ones. It works great if the stain is new and not red wine. I think it would be a great review to do over again with all seven of the stains causers listed on the paper. Maybe I will just have to try it out. Well, maybe not the blood... I don't want to have to cut myself for a review!! 

Have you used this item before? Let us know how it worked for you.

By Mommy Melissa

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