Thursday, March 6, 2014

Potty Training

When it comes that time in a toddlers life where they need to start using the potty it can be stressful and frustrating. One thing to remember: BE PATIENT. It will not be easy, all parents go through it, the accidents, the refusal, the "attitude" eventually your toddler will get the hang of it- it just might be a long ride.

A common question is, Is my toddler ready? There are signs, but just because there are signs it does not mean that it will be easy. According to Noah's pediatrician your toddler could be ready at the early age of 18 months- with Noah this was not the case. Remember every child is different, some may take longer than others- especially boys! So hang in there mom!

Signs when you toddler is ready:

- Has dry periods of at least 2 hours
- Your child is independent
- Your child is walking
- You can communicate with you child
- Your child does not like the feeling of being in a dirty diaper
- Your child can follow simple instructions
- Has words for "pee and poo"

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The first thing is obviously the potty, there are two types, a little potty and one that can go over the toilet, take your toddler to the store so he can pick one out and understand what it's for. You can get him ready by showing him videos, a great on is Potty Time with Elmo. It teaches your child the importance of the potty and why we must all learn. The potty can be intimidating at first, so don't get frustrated, your child is probably scared at first, so it's important to make the experience fun- sing songs, play a little video on you phone while they sit, reward them with a sticker or a candy- even if they don't go- just trying deserves something too!

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Buy at least five pairs of little underwear to wear (you can buy small ones in the baby section at Wal-Mart), make a commitment to only put your toddler in a diaper for naptime or sleeping through the night- once they wakeup, it's back to the underwear. This will make it really uncomfortable when they do have an accident and want to use the potty.

When I first started potty training Noah, he would just cry and refused to go on the potty. I came to the conclusion he was just not ready. So a few months later we tried again- and got more success! It's important to stay home at least 3 days in a row- don't leave the house. You could also by a timer and use the potty every half hour, this does get exhausting, don't worry you will get a break during naptime.

I am still working on potty training Noah, but he is hard to communicate with. It's up to your toddler, but you have to be persistent and don't give up! Good Luck!!!


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