Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fresh and Full of Flavour!

Here is a great meal idea that is light but filling. The only real guilty part would have to be the dipping sauces! These Vegetable Spring Rolls are bursting with crunchy vegetables and loads of flavour. 

I made these at my sisters house and since she had just thrown a birthday party for my niece (who wanted sushi of all things) she had a lot of fresh veggies and sticky rice left over. 
That made the prep time even less! 

Now first you will need to decide what you want to put in them. 
The options are really endless. If you do not use a meat it can even be vegetarian.
We chose to use a lot of veggies, rice and spicy tuna (canned tuna mixed with sriracha hot sauce).
The veggies were, cucumber slices, grated carrots, lettuce and avocado.

Then you will need your rice sheets, a large bowl of very hot water, and a tea towel. 

Place the rice sheet in the hot water for about 10-25 seconds. Remove and set on the tea towel. 
Place your ingredients in the middle.
Starting from the bottom, fold it up and over your veggies.
Next the sides over the veggies, as if you are making a pocket.
Now roll the bottom to the top and its done!

I will make a diagram to show off my impressive Microsoft Paint skills!

You see that? That is incredible if I do say so myself!

Now the Peanut Dipping Sauce!
Its the one in the middle of the picture 
Oh this stuff is good!

2 tbs crunchy peanut butter
2 tbs hoisin sauce
dash of soy sauce
dash of vegetable oil
1 clove of garlic, chopped as tiny as you can
a few shakes of hot sauce
3 tbs very hot water

Add everything together and mix. 
Keep mixing until it all comes together, it will, just keep stirring!
Dip away and enjoy it!

The other two sauces that I have included in the picture are a Red Thai Sauce by Heinz and a creamy sesame sauce called Wafu Sauce. They are both great with the rolls.

By Mommy Melissa
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