Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rolled Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing.

Since Easter is this weekend, I wanted to share with you a wonder sugar cookie recipe.
 It is perfect to use when making shaped cookies to decorate. It holds its shape when baked which is at times hard to find with some sugar cookies. 
I just love making a batch of cute little bunny shaped cookies and have them come out of the oven looking like scary blobs of terror!
I also wanted to give a try at making Royal Icing for the first time! 
It sounds scarier then it is to make it. I was quite surprised at how easy it actually was to make!

Before they are baked

Right out of the oven!
See how they hold their shape!

I have to say thank you to Mommy Jenn for suggesting this cookie recipe to me. 
Thank you!

The sugar cookie recipe is by Alton Brown. I love that guy! 
You will need:
 Flour, baking powder, salt, butter, sugar, egg, milk, and some icing sugar.

If you have all these ingredients, head on over to this link for the full recipe on The Cooking Channel

Now for the Royal Icing, like I said, sounds scarier than it really is. 
You do need to have a mixer though. Having to whisk it by hand would be a heck of a job!
The hardest part was finding meringue powder for a decent price! 
I ended up finding a local bulk shop that sold it by the tablespoon!
Royal icing is a type of frosting that hardens as it dries. 
It is perfect for shaped sugar cookies, especially if you will be moving them or packaging them.
Check out the steps here  at A Spoonful of Flavor, for full details and recipe for royal icing.

From this 
To this!!
Here is another picture of my beautiful carrot cookies!!

Are you making any special Easter-y treats this week? Share them with us on our Facebook Group!

By Mommy Melissa
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