Thursday, November 21, 2013

DIY Greek Yogurt

What comes to mind with Greek yogurt? Thick and creamy? Now what about regular yogurt? Thin and smooth? I like them both but I love the Greek style. The price is just so high though! While watching a cooking show (like I often do!) the chef made regular plain style yogurt into Greek style. I was impressed to say the least! I just wish I could remember who it was.... Anyways, I wanted to give it a try myself. So, I did! The results were wonderful! 

First you need to buy some plain yogurt, I bough Vanilla because I am a rebel like that sometimes!
Then some cheese cloth, Dollarama sells it for a buck in the kitchen section.
You also need a large bowl and a large sieve. 
If you do not have a large sieve like me, then you need some imaginative thinking.

First, drape the cheese cloth over the bowl as many times as you can with a lot overlapping the sides. 
The sides will be where it gets gathered at the top. 
Pour 4 cups of yogurt into middle of your cheese cloth.

Gather the sides up to the top and tie with a knot or a twist-tie.
Now if you have the sieve, place the cheese cloth into it and rest it over the large bowl. 
Just be sure that it does not touch the bottom. It must be higher so the liquid can drain out over time.
If you do not have that elusive large sieve, then get creative with it. 

I had to tie yarn around the cheese cloth then wrap it around my top shelf of the fridge and had the bowl underneath it. 

James, looked in the fridge later that night and just shook his head and asked what the heck I was doing. 
Meh, you know, making Greek yogurt, normal stuff. 

Now that you have that part rigged up and ready. Wait for at least 12 hours. uurrgghh waiting sucks!
Once that long wait is over, squeeze the cheese cloth gently to get the last bit of moisture out of it. 

Open it up and scoop out that glorious yummy goop! You will only get around 2 cups of it which is sad.
I was surprised to see how much liquid dripped out during that time!

My favourite way to eat it is with honey! mmm mmm mmm! 

What you need
4 cups plain yogurt (the higher the fat the thicker the results)
Cheese cloth
Twist tie
Large sieve
Large bowl

What to do
Place cheese cloth into bowl and drape over the sides, pour yogurt into the cloth and tie at the top.
Once tied put into a large sieve and balance over a large bowl making sure there is at least 2 inches between the bottom of the sieve and the bowl.
Let sit at least 12 hours.
Squeeze out any remaining liquid.
Open and serve.

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By Mommy Melissa

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