Saturday, December 7, 2013

Make a Treat. Make a Difference!

This season Kellogg's has come out with this great idea for donating money to The Salvation Army this Christmas. The Make a Treat. Make a Difference is a fun and interactive way to have quality time with your family and help a less fortunate child at the same time. 

The way it works is you sculpt a 'toy' using Rice Krispie Treats. Take a photo of it, then upload it to For each original photo uploaded, a new toy will be donated to The Salvation Army who will deliver it to a child in need! How wonderful!

While at my sisters house I noticed this on the box of cereal on the counter. Out came the marshmallows and butter and we got to work! I used the original Rice Krispies recipe found on the inside of the box, (click here to see it on their site) but also added about 1/2 cup of Spice cake mix (just the powder not the other called for ingredients). It gave them an extra seasonal taste that was totally delicious! Once it cooled a little, we buttered up our hands (so it doesn't stick to them) and got to work! Since my kids were at home with Daddy, it was just my sister, my nieces Annabelle and Madison, and myself doing this activity. My nephew was even gone out with his Daddy for a ride. A total girls activity!

It was so much fun watching them create their little masterpieces and decorating them with all the sprinkles and candy! Even my sister created something! If you know her then you know that's something!! 
(kidding Jennifer if you are reading this!!)  

Here are our Treat Works of Art!

Lalaloopsy By Madison and me

Caterpillar By Madison

Candy Cane by Annabelle

Christmas Tree by Madison

Snowman By Jennifer

Sleepy Kitty By Me

So now I am asking you to do the same. It wont take too long to do and plus, it gives a child a gift this Christmas! You even get to eat it after it has its photo shoot! Nice! 

Lets get to it everyone! Make those Rice Krispie works of art and share them on their webpage. Then a child will get a toy and that makes everyone happy! 

By Mommy Melissa

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