Sunday, November 10, 2013

Drip-Free Jell-O Popsicle!

My children LOVE frozen treats! Freezies, icecream cones, popsicles anything frozen. I on the other hand can't stand the mess they leave behind. I wanted to find something that would freeze well but not make such a mess to clean up afterwards. 

My brilliant thought? To freeze Jell-O in ice pop moulds
to make a

All I did was make the Jell-O as directed then poured the mix into the ice pop containers. Froze them over night and voila! Orange flavoured Drip-Free Popsicles!

Yummy Orange!!
Look Mommy, No drips!

They were a hit with the kids the next day. Some ended up on the floor and couch, and kids but it fell like a clump of jelly. Not the usual pool of sticky liquid all over everything and everyone!
Quick clean up with a paper towel.

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By Mommy Melissa
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