Friday, September 6, 2013

Labour Day Camping Trip

My sister Jennifer and her family were going camping to take advantage of the Labour Day long weekend. They invited my family along as well, but since James not feeling very well, Amelia and I hoped a ride with them and went camping too! Logan stayed home with James because last time we went camping he decided he would escape from the tent. Terrifying, but thankfully it was during the day! Especially if I were alone without James! So the boys had special boys time playing cars and watching Thomas the train.

We had a blast at the Voyageur Provincial Park in East Hawkesbury, Ontario! It is a wonderful camp ground. There are three sections you can stay at. We always go to Portage. It is the best! It is private and you barely see your neighbours. I am not a fan of camping in an open field where your neighbours are right there. In Portage, you are surrounded by trees. The other sections are Iroquois and Champlain. Champlain is very open and the closest to the park entrance/exit. Iroquois is a mix of both. Open but with more trees and a little more privacy. The beaches there are good too. Swimming, fishing, boat rentals, and a roped off part where you can feel a bit safer to let little children play.

Here are a few things I would like to share with everyone about the camp out!

Lets start with the food! Jennifer made one of the best steaks I have ever had! Before we left, she placed the steaks in a zipper seal bag and poured in pesto. When it was time to cook them, the pesto was infused into the meat. Cooked over the fire, oh my gosh! You will need to try this! Even cooked on a bar-b-q would be great! For dessert that night, bananas wrapped in foil then cooked in the fire. An ooey-gooey master piece! Camping is just not complete without s'mores!
The perfect steak
Campfire bananas
hmm, not the best pic
The beach day was a lot of fun!Amelia loves the water. She thought it was hilarious when she would hit the water and it would splash her in the face! Sunscreen was being put on every half hour that day! It was very hot and the sun was strong.

Me and my baby girl

Its name was Sally
Wildlife is everywhere at Voyageur, my brother in law Nick learned that one night! Everyone had gone to bed but he stayed enjoying the fire. Well, he dozed off and woke up to a skunk right beside him! He stayed still and it walked off out of site. He figured it left, oh no! It was under his chair! Once he was sure it was gone, he decided not to push his luck any farther and went to bed. Smart man!
We also had a more pleasant time with a little salamander that decided to come and greet us! He was so cute! When it walked on you it felt like little tickles! After Annabelle taught Madison all about how they can regrow their tail, we let him go in the woods. The girls wanted to keep him but we told them about how this is its habitat and it wouldn't be fair to it. The best thing is though, James brought my tent to our yard when we got home, a freaking salamander came scurrying out! It came home with us!!  He got away too fast into a crack to pick him back up but how awesome is that!?

We are planning another fall camping trip soon! It will be interesting to see how that turns out. We want to try and make a stew over the open fire!

What are your favourite things to do while camping?

By Mommy Melissa

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