Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rock Tic Tac Toe

I love rocks. I like to paint them, collect them, make things with them. They are just a fun thing to work with. While on Pinterest one night I came across a picture of a tic tac toe game made with painted rocks and it looked so cute. So I went on a rock hunt for 9 stones all about the same size and shape, about 3cm I'm guessing

                                       9 little stones
Arranged in formation!

I used nail polish to paint them because it is more resilient than paint. Plus, it eliminates the need to use a finishing coat like you would need if using paint. I chose pink/dark pink for X and orange/blue for O.
More than one coat was needed to make the colours bright enough without the rock showing. The pink needed more than the orange as it was lighter. 

After the first coat.
After 3 coats pink, 2 orange.
Once they were all painted, I waited over night to finish them. I wanted to make sure they were 100% dry so when the X and O were marked onto them, it would not smudge.
I added the X and O with black nail polish and let them dry. One coat was enough for that.

While they were drying I found an old box with a lid that closes with a magnet. Perfect for the grid and great that the rocks could stay in the box when not in use. I cut scrapbooking paper to fit inside and one to fit the outside top. Using a sharpie, I drew the grid onto paper and glued it inside. Then wrote Tic Tac Toe on the other piece and glue that one down as well. 

I think it turned out very great! I will have to let my nieces test it out to see how they like it! 
Try it yourself! You can use any colours you want or even use matching pictures. Maybe paint five as hearts and the other four as stars? Bees and butterflies? Solid colours? So many ideas! 

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By Mommy Melissa

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