Sunday, July 14, 2013

1st movie for Noah

Recently I took Noah to his very first movie... i was hesitant at first- he is such a squirm! But my dad insisted we go, bare the wines and cries! He was very fidgety waiting for the movie to start, but once it came on he sat and watched! Whew! I had already planned in my head that we would not be able to finish the movie and would have to leave due to a crying munchkin- but it was quite the opposite. At first, I thought I was doomed for sure, Noah thought it would be funny if he smacked every single person sitting in front of us, "sorry" was just coming out of my mouth naturally at that point.

 We saw Despicable Me- cutest movie ever! We all really enjoyed it. I recommend seeing the first one (if you haven't already) before venturing to the second so you can see the history behind the movie. I don't think I will be taking Noah to another movie until he is a bit older, its a rarity that he actually finds something on TV he is willing to sit through. He loved the first one, so I figured I at least had a chance.

I hope you all are keeping dry with all this rain we've been having- here's to sunny days!


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