Friday, July 26, 2013

5 Of My Favourite Things - With Giveaway!

We all have a few things that make our lives a little easier during our hectic days. I have decided that these would have to be my favourites. They are used every day in my home by James and myself as well as in a way for the kids. They help things get done easier and faster. Here are my picks.

1. My Keurig Machine.
Why? Not only does it make coffee that much faster in the morning (mamma needs her coffee!!) but it does so much more. It works also as a hot water dispenser. Don't put in a k-cup and it 'brews' out steaming hot water. Perfect for oatmeal, tea, ramen noodles and even warming bottles. Sometimes the water has coffee grinds left over from a brew done before hand, but simply running a small with no k-cup takes care of that.
The Keurig also can make a great iced coffee or tea. They sell special cold drink ones but I find them way to sweet for my liking. Using a regular coffee and ice makes the perfect iced coffee. And if you brew some up the night before, freeze the coffee in an ice cube tray and use those coffee cubes in it. This way, it wont get watered down as the ice melts! Great for iced tea as well.

2. Brita Water Filtration Bottle.
Why? I like to drink water (when im not drinking coffee and tea) and I really don't like to buy water bottles. My tap water is safe to drink but I find it tastes very much like chlorine at times. This water bottle is perfect! You just unscrew the top and pour your tap water right in. As you drink it, it filters it. We also have a normal Brita that we keep in the fridge, but it takes so long to fill up and wait for it to filter. The bottle is good to take out into the car as well as to keep on the coffee table with the kids around. They like to pick up glasses and try to drink whats in it, resulting in Mommy having to clean up a lot of messes during the day. Logan is not able to open the mouth piece so he cannot spill it all over! Bonus for me! They are a tad high in price i think. $9.99 at Maxi is what James paid for it. It was a mothers day gift so that is OK! In the long run, you save money if you are a water bottle buyer. It also is less harm on the environment. The downfall is that the filter has to be changed every few months to make sure that it is still filtering right.

3. Playstation 3.
Why? This may seem like a strange thing to put onto my list but it is used everyday. Not for gaming most of the time. Now with the kids, there is hardly any time to play video games. I'm not saying I don't but its harder now to get into a game. The PS3 is used for many things now. Its our radio, our music player, our picture storage, our DVD/BluRay player and of course Netflix. I like to always have music playing during the day and since it has a 320gb of storage, there is a lot of music on it. Everything from Elvis, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, and Glee to Nirvana Guns & Roses, and Sharon Lois and Bram! Netflix is also great. We don't have cable or satellite TV so its all we have for watching shows. Logan is a big fan of Sesame Street and Dinosaur Train. He likes Elmo so much, you can't talk to that kid when Elmo's World is on! Then there are mommies shows, Doctor Who, Sons of Anarchy and most recently Torchwood. James doesn't like to watch movies much but he likes to watch Archer and South Park. Its worth the extra $8 a month!

4. Baby Wipes.
Why? These things are so handy. They are in my purse and diaper bag, in my glove box in the car, the bath room and of course the kids room. Not only are they good for...well, wiping poop of baby butts they are great to clean up messy faces and hands, wiping down high chairs (especially when out), using in the car if there is a spill, just to freshen up your face on hot days, wiping off makeup. The list goes on and on. Another use for them that you may think is odd is that if you have a sun burn, it is really soothing to wipe it down with a wipe.

5. Citrus Peeler by Tupperware.
 Why? It makes peeling oranges very easy and fast. Your nails also don't get full of orange peel! Oranges are a staple here. Logan loves them right now (who knows how long this will last) and peeling one normally is apparently just not fast enough for him.I came across this nifty little gadget while at a local Tupperware store. You just push it into the peel then, like a knife, cut down. I make wedge shapes then peel them down super easy. The peeler does not cut into the orange, just the peel. The opposite end is flat and honestly i'm not too sure what its for but i use it to take seeds out and scrape any of the white that is hard to get off.

Since the Citrus Peeler is such a cool little gadget to keep in the kitchen we thought it would be a fun little giveaway! 

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The name will be drawn at random with a name generator on Wednesday June 31st. So stay tuned to see if you won!!

Now that you know my 5 favourite things, let us hear what yours are!

By Mommy Melissa

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