Saturday, October 25, 2014

Toddler Toys That Get Played With

If you are like me, then your kids play room (or bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen) are all filled with random stray toys that just show up. The kids play with them for a few minutes (if that) then toss them and find something else to destroy play with .

I really did not realize how many toys these children of mine have until we moved into our new house. Boxes of them! Everywhere! Now the playroom is more of a hording room of toys strewn about than a room they actually play in!

Over the last years there are a few toys that stand out with my kids. Always enjoyed when played with and actually play with them over and over again.

Play Dough
I love to hate this stuff. My kids play and play with it and want to almost every day but me on the other hand, I cannot stand the feeling of it on my hands. I do not know anyone else who thinks that their hands feel gross while playing with it. 
The kids enjoy playing with mini dinos in it. Stamping the little feet into the dough and making foot prints. Cookie cutters are also a fun way we like to play. Rolling the dough is Logan's favourite part a while cutting shapes is Amelia's. I like to make play dough for the kids sometime just to mix it up a little. A super easy way is just to mix lotion with flour. It makes a pizza dough type dough that is stretchy.

Hot Wheels and Toy Trucks
I think you can never have enough Hot Wheels cars! They are so fun for the kids to play with in so many ways. A few things that we have done with them are car washes in the sink, ramps and slides made from cardboard and books, tunnels with toilet paper and paper towel rolls, parking garage with a box and markers, races to see which car goes father. So many ways, its incredible. You just have to use your imagination and the ways are endless.

Mega Blocks
Oh how Logan loves to build his towers! And oh how Amelia likes to knock them down. Logan could play for a long time with these. My husband has joked that since he loves them so much, maybe he will become an architect! That would be great! Making tunnels with these blocks and driving cars in them is also quite fun for the kids.

This my just be because of me and my love of dinos but my kids love to play with them. Its is also an educational game for the kids. Even if you do not know your dinos you can teach them about how some ate meat as carnivores and some here herbivores who only ate plants and trees. Logan loves the stegosaurus and his big 'pates' (plates) that were used as armor. Amelia is a raptor fan who likes to make it bite the other dinosaurs... a little scared there but proud she knows hes a meat eater!!

Pretend Play Kitchen Items.
Making soups and serving tea is also a fun activity for the kids. Pretend food, plastic plates, cutlery, and tea set can let them learn skills for later in life. As well as let them learn the love of cooking at an early age. Amelia received a Minnie Mouse tea set from Aunt Jules for her birthday this year, which she absolutely adores! She sets it all up and serves tea to us all as well as her stuffed bunny! 

Wooden Train Set 
This is one toy that is a Logan only toy. Amelia doesn't care much for playing trains. Logan loves building tracks all around his room and chugging his trains along them. The bridge is his most favourite part! This can be an expensive toy to buy new. Thankfully, I struck gold at a garage sale this summer where I picked up an entire full piece for only $4!

The Kitchen Sink
This is something that my kids LOVE to do. Fill up the kitchen sink with water and soap and play with anything they can put in there. Cups, spoons, plastic toys, bowls, bath toys, pretty much anything. Pouring water is apparently the most wonderful thing to do. I on the other hand enjoy how much they love it but I do not like having to clean up the spilled ocean of water on the counter and floor as well as the fight from telling them its no longer time to play in the sink.

Honorable Mentions

Stuffed Animals.
Many parents that I know do not like when their kids receive stuffed animals as gifts because they pile up in no time flat! I know that we have so many too but my kids have a certain few that they sleep with every night and a few more that are played with quite often.

Baby Dolls.
I let BOTH my kids play with baby dolls. I think it is fine for a boy as much as a girl to play with them. It promotes nurturing and love. There is no reason a boy should not be allowed to play daddy!

Ninja Turtles.
Another item here that has probably been installed in them by mommy and daddys love for ninja turtles! The kids love playing with them alone as well as with mommy and daddy. Especially in the turtle van from the 1980s

Does your child have a favourite toy that I have listed here? Why do they like to play with it?

What other toys are replay value with your children? Let us know in the comments!

By Mommy Melissa

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