Monday, April 1, 2013

Toddler- Safe Finger Painting

Are you a crafty mama that can't wait to share your world of creativity with your little one? Well I am, and when you child is only 1 it's hard to sit down and do crafts- fear not mommies a finger paint that you won't mind getting in your child's mouth!

 What you need:
- Vanilla pudding
- Food coloring
- Construction Paper

So since it's the Easter season I thought we'd try this recipe on some construction paper cut out in the shape of an egg. I used bright Easter colors for the paint- green, blue, and purple. All you have to to is mix the food coloring in the pudding and let your toddle paint away! If your toddler is patient you can even make hand prints- Noah unfortunately was not and wanted to do all it himself. It turned out really cute, this is a good idea for children 3 and under... supervision of course!

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