Friday, November 21, 2014

Top Reads of 2014

So this past year I made a promise to myself to start reading again, not only does it open your imagination for a world of stories, but it gets your brain working instead of just fading away.... I thought I would share my favorite books I read this year. Melissa and I recently started a book club- which only had 3 members! But it doesn't matter as long as we have someone else to discuss those glorious stories with!!!

The first 3: Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiance. Honestly these are the best books I've ever read in my entire life. The kept you intrigued the entire way through, If you've seen the Divergent movie... I must warn you it's disappointing compared to the book they left so many parts out and ended the movie differently than in the book! Veronica Roth made you want to keep reading, and when you were done a book it was like there was a void in your life and you have to immediately start the next one! If you chose to read any books this year I would suggest these- you will not be sorry!

The Help. I'm sure most have you have seen this movie and I saw it before I read the book and loved! My friend recommended the book to me and I couldn't put it down it was so good. Even though I saw the movie it was still a page turner! It goes into a lot more detail with every moment than in the movie, and there are a ton of hilarious moments! There's nothing like a story from the past, and reading about how someones world used to be... not always peaches and cream.

I read Mokingjay the beginning of this year, after seeing Catching Fire for the first time I couldn't wait for the next movie to come out I had to buy the book! I was not disappointed! It has both sad and happy moments, and moments where your like... ouch that's gotta hurt! I am so excited the movie is out in theaters now... nothings better than seeing a book come to life!

The Fault in Our Stars, I love the way John Green writes, everything just flows together and their are so many comparisons to real life- I especially loved the references to ANTM and my favorite cooking shows! It made the book more of a reality. Of course reading a book like this, you know it's going to be sad... but it's so much more than that, it's funny and heartwarming and the cutest love story.. and a sad twist in the end! If your not a reader I recommend the movie because the movie is almost identical to the book and how I imagined it would be.

Lastly we have the Delirium Trilogy. Such a unique story! It's about love being a "disease" and everyone get's a frontal lobotomy when they are 18 to remove the symptoms of "love" so they are no longer delirious. It's definitely an original story. There's a lot of sad parts, and a lot of thrilling ones too, So if your looking for a page turner this one will get you!

We would love any of our readers to recommend exciting books for our book club!


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