Saturday, September 27, 2014

Halloween is Coming!

Halloween is just around the corner! This year, as we have moved to a warmer area,  I am hoping that there will be no need to bundle the kids up under their costumes with winter jackets and snow pants!

I have been asking the kids what they wanted to dress up as to trick-or-treating and so far pirate has taken the spot light. Mostly with Amelia. She loves pirates! Yo ho ho, matey! Thats what she says when she sees a boat or anything nautical related. Logan has said Raph form TMNT as well as a banana. That boy has an imagination I tell you!

I think pirates! That may be what I will make them both (and mommy too!) to go out for halloween. I love dressing up too with the kids! You are never too old!

Here are a few ideas that I have come across as idea references for costume ideas.

What are you dressing your little ones up (or yourself!) as for All Hallows Eve this year?
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By Mommy Melissa

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