Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Review on Infant Spoons by Mommy Melissa

There are so many different options out there when choosing products for your baby, it can be overwhelming! With spoons alone, how can there be so many? Its a spoon! But having tried a few different kinds I have found that, yes, they do have differences! These two spoons, in my opinion are my favourites.

The Basics
The green spoon is  The First Years - Take & Toss Spoons. They come in an array of colours in packages of different multiples, mine was for 8 but I have also seen some up to as many as 20! They are very affordable at the price of around $4.00. Take & Toss may sound that they are good for only one use but they are made very well and can be used over and over again. They are cheap enough that if you do lose one or throw it away by accident, not a big deal!

The red spoon is Gerber Graduates - Rest Easy Spoons. They come in packages of 5 in mixed colours. I paid around $3.00 for them at the grocery store, Maxi & Cie. They are a wonderful spoon with a few features you will not find on many spoons. Such as the spoon rest bump on the back, the soft spatula like tip of the spoon and a larger handle. The spatula tip works well for wiping food off of babies face when she makes a mess! These have to be my favourite for a few reasons that will be covered in this post. Being a little more expensive, if one gets lost, its a little sad but still not a huge deal! Its not like its made of silver!

The Take & Toss spoons lay flat on the table when set down leaving a mess of puree all over the place. The Rest Easy spoons have a small bump on the bottom letting the scoop of the spoon stay off the table, leaving the mess off the table. 

As you can see by the picture, the Rest Easy spoons bend a whole lot more than the stiffer Take & Toss. It is not a very important trait but it does come in handy getting to the bottom of the little food jars. Amelia loves to chew on the rubber part of the Rest Easy spoons like a teether so the softer flexibility is a plus.

Use in Baby Food Jars and Bowls

For the next few pictures I will be using Peas and Peas and Carrot purees.

The Take & Toss does not get very much off the sides of the jar but it does a good job getting the purees from the rounded bottom sides. The Rest Easy spoon with the spatula tip presses right against the jar scooping more off the glass as well as getting in all the rounded edges at the top and bottom.

When the baby food is put into a bowl and scraped off the sides, you can see that once again the spatula tip of the Rest Easy spoon leaves less behind. The Take & Toss still does a fair job.

 When your child starts to eat foods from the larger jars the Take & Toss spoons make a real mess on your fingers trying to get to the bottom. With these bottles, I rarely use Take & Toss spoons. The Rest Easy spoons, are no effort or mess to get to the bottom of these taller bottles.

Extra Bits
With the longer handle on the Rest Easy spoon, you have a better grip to get the food into babies mouth without them grabbing your hand. 
Some of the Take & Toss spoons change to a lighter colour when they get warm to know when food is too hot for baby but that is something I would test myself, not check a spoons colour to see if its too hot! 

Over all, these are both wonderful spoons. The price is right for them both as well. The Take & Toss are great to bring out with you and leave at the grandparents house without worrying if you will lose them or forget them. The Rest Easy are great spoon to get the most out of jars and bowl as well as off your little ones face. 

Have you used either of these spoons and whats your opinion on them? What are some of your favourite baby utensils to use? Let us know :)

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